Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Food news: Cooking classes, paella, and rumors of noodles

I've gotten a few queries lately about whether or not any cooking classes are being held in Prague. There are actually lots of them -- but they're mostly in Czech, of course. Cooking schools seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment; the most notable is the Pražský kulinářský institut (Prague Culinary Institute), where a huge range of classes are taught almost daily by some of the city's most well-known chefs. Then there's Chef Parade in Žižkov, which offers (among other courses) a "Cookdating" class designated for singles only. Culinaria gives sporadic lessons in Indian and Italian cuisine in English. And there have also been some informal group cooking lessons occasionally put together by expats. If anyone knows of any other English-language cooking classes, give us a heads up by putting a note in the comments!

As for food events this week, Monsoon is preparing a Singaporean menu as part of their One night stand in Singapore this Thursday, while Oliva is going Spanish with a special paella weekend -- check it out here.

It looks like new Asian fusion restaurant Angel may be listening to its customers (or its reviewers): they've rounded out their meat- and fish- heavy menu with two additional vegetarian options. And another Asian-themed restaurant, The Noodle Bar, is apparently looking to open a second location in Vinohrady. More on that when it happens...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about the vegetarian options at Angel. I was there recently with vegetarian company and frankly it felt odd that even a starter vegetarian option wasn't available!

Laura, have you tried these options yet? Or anyone else?

Anonymous said...

just discovered your wonderful blog - so how are all the new starbucks? As good as can be?

Laura Baranik said...

I haven't tried the new vegetarian dishes at Angel yet. Then there are Lehka Hlava, Beas, Radost... some are good, and some not so good. I'm planning on doing a post on veg-friendly restaurants soon.

And Starbucks is, well, Starbucks. I think there are four of them open now. Or more? It's hard to keep track.

Martin Valenta said...

Hey guys,

if you're looking for some cookery classes in English try the Olakala studio in Vinohrady.
Michal, the owner, is Czech but speaks English as well. He has his own TV show on Paprika TV (for those who have cable)with the somewhat cheesy name "Sweet Boy":-)
I went to his sushi class (taught in Czech) and it was excellent. Michal organized it with a Czech - Japanese interpreter who has her own Japanese food store in Prague. She had spent several years in Japan so she knows a lot about the culture and that made it even more interesting. I'm sure you may arrange for a sushi or any other class being taught in English.