Friday, February 29, 2008

Food news: Confusion over Kolkovna, chaos in Palladium, and more sushi for Prague

There's been some apparent confusion over the Kolkovna Group lately. All of its Pilsner Urquell Original Resturants (including Olympia and Celnice) are now called Kolkovna, presumably to differentiate these locations from other, similar-looking PUOR franchises around Prague (such as Deminka and U Vejvodů). In a broken-English statement posted on, a Kolkovna Group representative accused Deminka's owners of breaching copyright by using Kolkovna's logographer. It was also confirmed that the group will be launching a fourth Prague Pilsner Urquell restaurant, Sokolovna, in Vinohrady.

Prague's second and third Starbucks locations opened in Palladium on February 19th, just one day before the electrical fire that is now expected to shut down the shopping mall for at least the next three weeks. Meanwhile, Starbucks rival Coffee Heaven continues to expand, with a new branch about to set up shop on heavily touristed street Na Můstku.

In other openings, Ivan Havel and his wife, Dagmar, have debuted their new restaurant in the Lucerna pasáž. Monarchie's menu is inspired by cuisine from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and much of the meat and produce is to be delivered fresh from the Havels' personal farm outside of Prague.

Finally, karaoke box club BeKaraOk! is now serving Japanese delicacies in its upstairs Sushi Bistro, where the sushi and maki come pre-packaged in handy take-out containers. Note: the Bistro's opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday only.



Anonymous said...

isn't there a coffee heaven just around the corner on na prikope?

Laura Baranik said...

yes, there is. And there's another one further down on Na Prikope. Soon enough, it'll be Coffee Heaven everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the signs up for the new Coffee Heaven. It's where that cheap shoe store Tango used to be. The corner location just behind Mustek. Nice property.