Monday, January 21, 2008

Food news: Starbucks and Gordon Ramsay come to town (separately)

Despite half-hearted threats of protest from the Association of Residents and Friends of Malá Strana, Starbucks will be opening its doors to the Czech public on Tuesday. A spokesperson for the mammoth coffee shop chain says it has "carefully and thoughtfully rehabilitated the Palác Grömlingovský retail location and returned it to its historic use as a coffeehouse and gathering place for the local community." More on that later...

On the other end of the culinary spectrum, English chef Gordon Ramsay will be in Prague Tuesday to promote his latest venture, maze. The surrounding festivities are to include a press conference and dinner at the restaurant for invited members of the local media.

The Dejvice location of organic grocery store Country Life has been temporarily shut down in order to make way for a "vegetarian bistro." The shop should re-open within the next couple of weeks.

Around the corner from Country Life, Asian fusion restaurant Monsoon has announced its new Saturday Family Lunch special, which offers a three-course menu at 199 CZK per person. Children under 8 eat for 10 CZK per every year of age (a seven-year-old eats for 70 CZK, etc.), and a surpervised play area is provided.



R. said...

On my way to check out the 'bucks now!

BlackGirl said...

I ate at Monsoon last year; good-looking restaurant, but my meal didn't leave me eager for a return visit. But a 3-course meal for 199kc? Worth another try to see if things have improved. Thanks for the tip. (Great work starting this blog!)